Home Sleep Test

Home Sleep Tests (HST)

Home Sleep Testing is Fast and Easy!

No wires. Nobody watching over you while you sleep.

Home Sleep Tests (HST)

One Night's Sleep in Your Own Bed.

Home Sleep Tests (HST) can meet or exceed the efficacy of those crazy-involved, lab-based studies.

One night’s rest in your own bed tells your doctor everything they need to know about your regular sleep patterns! Sleeptopia Home Sleep Tests are the comfortable and modern alternative to those intrusive lab-based sleep studies.

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Three Comfortable Home Sleep Tests to Choose From.

The Nox T3s

Home Sleep Test

A durable and cost-effective Type III home sleep test, designed for simplicity and robust data collection.

✓ DOT Certified
✓ FDA Approved

Alice NightOne

Home Sleep Test

With your test results and diagnosis in-hand, get started with your customized sleep apnea treatment.

✓ DOT Certified
✓ FDA Approved

WatchPAT® 300

Home Sleep Test

A simple and unique watch-like home sleep test that measures Peripheral Arterial Tone (PAT®)

✓ DOT Certified
✓ FDA Approved

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To start the process with any of Sleeptopia’s home sleep tests, give us a call and we’ll get your order started.

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How Do I Get Tested For Sleep Apnea?

Sleep apnea is a serious sleep disorder where your breathing repeatedly stops and starts during sleep. Here’s the best way to get tested:

Step 01: Obtain a prescription from your doctor or through Sleeptopia Telemedicine, and upload it using our submission form below.

Step 02: Perform a Sleep Test at Home with Sleeptopia’s Home Sleep Test.

Step 03: The doctor will review your results and provide a personalized report along with next steps.

I Want Better Sleep NOW!

A Home Sleep Test is the ONLY way to go for comfort, ease-of-use, economics, and overall patient satisfaction.

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