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About Sleeptopia

The Why Behind Sleeptopia.

Sleeptopia proudly pioneered the first Kansas-based location for home sleep studies, revolutionizing the way sleep disorders are diagnosed in the state. As the driving force behind the change in how insurance in Kansas treats sleep, Sleeptopia recognized the growing need for CPAP supplies two years later and expanded to meet that demand.

Meet Our Founder

Growing up in a small community I was taught the value of hard work and the importance of helping others. My father was an over-the-road truck driver who would occasionally be gone for weeks at a time. Later, after starting my career in the medical field, I heard how truckers were being required to frequently test in hotels or sleep labs, costing them road time and undoubtedly causing delays getting home to family. With the threat of the DOT mandating all truckers must test in this manner, I had a “lightbulb” moment:

What if a truck driver could test in their truck while on the road—saving time and getting home more quickly?

This is the foundation on which Sleeptopia is built. We have grown over the years, consistently adding services to treat sleep apnea conveniently, comfortably, and affordably—and, we were the first in the State of Kansas to launch Home Sleep Testing (HST).

Both I and several members of my family have sleep apnea, and I knew that I would never get tested in a sleep lab—especially with all the wires and someone watching me. I knew there would be plenty of others who felt the same.

Kevin Kunz

Founder, Sleeptopia, Inc.

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